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The core team's principal role is to gain a complete understanding of a client's problem and to define the way in which the resources available should be organised to address the resolution in the most effective fashion and at least risk.

Appropriate groups from the extended team are then qualified into appropriate parts of the response.

A rapid overall picture of the range of skills and competencies available can be obtained by looking at members of the The Alliance of Business Consultants and The Richmond Group. There are many skills available beyond those highlighted by these groups.

Only a few of the largest organisations could be expected to have access to this range and level of expertise and even then would find it difficult to keep them deployed effectively and economically.

Moreover,  these key skills, which increasingly are needed by the largest organisations, can be taught best by those who are out there every day practising them.

How, for example, does one combine the traditional advantages of lower cost through economies of scale with market facing adaptibility? Rigid, inflexible vertical structures may no longer be the best answer over the next decade of the 21st century.

Taking just the IT aspect of infrastructure, the recent emergence of web services, grid computing, software leasing, and the steady accumulation of enormous quantities of data through ecommerce and low cost communications, has quickened the demand for faster responding and more effective business processes.

Pressure on decision makers continues to grow as they are expected to do an ever better job of protecting and growing asset values while managing risk. Park House is focused on these emerging needs and has strong views on how they are to be addressed as we solve today's tactical problems.

In summary, the extended team's skills encompass strategy, planning, change and process management, organisational design, knowledge management, IT communications and infrastructure management, as well as some innovative approaches to areas of growing concern such as corporate governance, operational risk and crisis management.