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In a new engagement, we start with the business need or area of concern and focus on developing tactical responses within a strategic framework.

Tthrough clarification and agreement of the objectives of the engagement, the client remains in control throughout and the focus is firmly on the tangible results to be delivered.

We would expect to start an engagement with a general assessment by one of our senior core team members of the overall situation and, if we believe we can add value, where and how that can be achieved.

We then identify the skills and competencies needed to carry out the assignment and to manage it so as to meet the objectives set. If necessary and appropriate, we then work with the client to select the most appropriate combination of internal and external skills that seem to be best suited to the needs of the specific engagement.

Our network of other consultants provides a pool of skilled resources on which we can draw.

We remain involved throughout and committed to the success of the project.