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Park House Associates was established by David Peregrine-Jones in 1994. Since that time, engagements have varied widely.

In one multi national the outcome of improving the client's  big ticket win rate was the growth of their revenue in a specific sector by an order of magnitude in less than two years.

In a different but equally challenging situation, the need was to run a multi country team to build, test and deliver new industrial strength financial trading models suitable for subsequent commercialisation.

Over the same period, a wide network of contacts has been built with outstanding individuals and small consulting businesses. As in any network, several roles have emerged.

Some of them specialise in specific domains such as cooperative supply chains.

Others are experts in the successful implementation of management tools such as the balanced score card. 

Others again are good at putting a solution together, bidding it, winning and delivering it.

There are also those that stand back and question the rationale for a particular approach.

If agility and flexibility are emerging as the keys to business success then such a network approach, if appropriately structured, may be the best of all.

We have clarifed their inter-relationship by defining a core and an extended team