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Classic management consultancy - one-on-one discussion with a senior member of the management team in order to gain as good an understanding as possible of the need if any for an intervention, its scope, and the many real world constraints that may prevent the ideal solution being implementable. But, how well are the facts known and understood. Several techniques and tools are now available to greatly assist this process.

Frequently, the picture of where the company is and what the future looks like varies quite dramatically when discussed with the board and as seen by the other stakeholders. A snapshot of what people think and a simple analysis of the differences is one of simplest, least expensive, and most important tools for laying the foundations for any more extended programme. 

At a board level, an energetic and powerful chief executive is often very surprised to gain an objective insight into what his (or her) colleagues actually think. The tools for achieving this are gradually becoming accepted in the US but may be even more applicable in Europe. A short survey together with an analysis, review and feedback of the results form an objective and powerful start to any board away day and help to set the CEO's agenda for the year.

In large organisations, cascading board decisions becomes a major challenge if complete understanding buy-in and commitment are necessary. Too often, those in positional authority dominate the discussion and good ideas are left unexamined. Some of the largest and most successful multi-nationals are turning to new techniques of collaborative decision making in order to overcome these issues.

These are some of the high level issues which, if not addressed, can prevent even the most well managed project from delivering its expected results.These and other, more specific, tools and techniques are discussed below and case studies are available on request.